Bradley Robert Pearson BA LLB Barrister and Solicitor serving the metro Toronto area in Ontario Canada

Bradley Robert Pearson B.A., LL.B
Barrister & Solicitor - Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Bradley Robert Pearson B.A., LL.B
Barrister & Solicitor

Fee Structure

Brad understands that most people do not expect to get arrested and have to deal with unanticipated legal expenses. He is willing to work with you to make his fees as affordable as possible, and to establish realistic payment plans that suit your circumstances.

He will quote you a capped fee based on the nature of the case, it's complexity, and potential options available to you,. This means you will not pay anymore than the fee agreed on, no matter how much work is done on your case. This cost certainty helps you plan your finances, and never have to wonder how much your case will cost.

Brad accepts Legal Aid, and is a member of the Gladue and Extremely Serious Matters Panels. He is qualified to take on any Legal Aid case, no matter how serious.

Find out if you are eligible for legal aid and how to apply for it here:

Your case is important. Get a Lawyer who understands that.

Pearson Criminal Law your case is important get a lawyer who understands that
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