Biography of Criminal Lawyer Bradley Robert Pearson

Bradley Robert Pearson B.A., LL.B
Barrister & Solicitor - Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Bradley Pearson BA LLB Criminal Defence Lawyer Brad Pearson is a criminal defence lawyer. He only deals with criminal cases. He warrants and receives accolades from judges, Crown Attorneys and other lawyers for his effective advocacy skills, sharpened during his thousands of hours of courtroom experience.

Brad has been a criminal lawyer for over 13 years. In those years, he's dealt with everything from shoplifting to drug trafficking, assaults, sexual assaults, robbery and murder. If it's in the Criminal Code, Brad has probably dealt with it at some point. He's been counsel in 40+ Superior Court trials, with about half being jury trials. He has extensive experience from conducting countless Provincial Court trials and bail hearings.

Brad's background at Dalhousie University helped prepare him for criminal law, where he excelled in Criminal Procedure, Evidence, and Trial Practice. He then articled for a busy Criminal Law firm, and worked for them for 10 years before setting out to open his own practice.

Brad is a member of Legal Aid Ontario's Extremely Serious Matters Panel. This allows him to take on the most serious cases where a client qualifies for assistance through Legal Aid Ontario. He is also a member of the Gladue Panel, allowing him to represent Aboriginal, First Nations, and Métis clients.

Although Brad's office is located in the GTA, he has attended courts from London to Pembrook to Orillia. Brad is willing to travel to defend a client.

When you retain Brad, you are retaining him personally. You will never have your case delegated to a student or an associate. Brad will personally handle all aspects of your case.

Brad realizes that each case and each client is unique. He listens to you, and works with you and for you. He treats you with respect and as a human being. He's honest, and not afraid to tell you the things you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. He'll give you options, and help you choose the best one.

Your case is important. Get a Lawyer who understands that.

Pearson Criminal Law your case is important get a lawyer who understands that
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